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pete_s_world's Journal

A place called home
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Comunity devoted to the Alt!world, aka Pete's world. A parallel universe in Doctor Who.
Welcome to this community, devoted to Pete's world.
First, why did I create this place? Well, I was rewatching series two and seeing Ten so happy (when we know what's going to happen ....) broke my heart. In one year (we're in april 2009), Eleven's adventures will begin. And of course, I love Matt Smith and I'm sure he will be FANTASTIC (as Nine would have said), but I will miss Ten dearly.
However, Ten's case is a bit different from the other Doctors. You can miss Nine (oh, yes!), Eight, Seven or One... the only way to remember and honour them is to write fanfictions happening in their past, before their (heroic) deaths.
Ten is still alive, as Ten 2! He's defending the Alt!universe in his new Tardis or, at least, living his "two in the morning, taking a taxi home" with his Rose. (Awww!!)
This is why I wanted to celebrate an universe where Ten can be happy again, where Jackie is reunited with her husband and her children (Rose and Tony)... and where dear Harriet Jones is still alive and president of Great Britain!

Canon facts about Pete's world:
Pete is billionaire and president of Vitex.
Rose's little brother is called Tony.
The technology in the Alt!world is A LOT more advanced than in our world.
The Cybermen were created by an evil genius (Pete's former boss) but Earth was saved by the Doctor, Rose, Pete and the Preachers (Jake, Mickey, Mrs Moore, ...).
England is not a kingdom (however, we don't know what happened to the royal family)
Harriet Jones is alive and president of Great Britain.
Rose works for/with Torchwood.
Rickey (Alt!Mickey) was a (sort of) hero. Mickey stayed to replace him (Age of steel) but decided to go home in Journey's end after his grand-mother's death.
Ten 2 IS the Doctor but he has only one heart. Which means he won't regenerate. He will wither, decay and die... just like a human. And he asked Rose to share his human life with him. (I think we can see this as a proposal, but it wasn't (yet) confirmed by RTD).
Ten 2 said I love you to Rose when Ten I couldn't. (It was CONFIRMED by Julie Gardner. What JG says is pure truth. ALWAYS.)

I still hope for Ten 2 & Rose's books and comics (if we don't see them in the specials). But who knows? Maybe Mr Moffat will let RTD/Stephen Fry/Paul Cornell/Jacqueline Raynor (The Stone Rose)/... give us some Alt!World love in the BBC books while Matt Smith is the Doctor on screen.

Fanon facts (things I've read in various stories/challenges, some more popular than others. Please, send me your own theories/beliefs about the Alt!world. I will add them to the list)
Pete is director of Torchwood
While the Doctor couldn't come to the Alt!world, the Master visited Rose several times during "Last fo the Time lords"
Ten 2's human name is John Noble.
Ten 2 is actually Fourteen. (*smiles*)
Rose and Alt!Christna have met but can't stand each other and Christina plots to steal Ten 2 from Rose.
Ten 2 and Rose are married, happy and making lots of beautiful babies.
Alt!Macolm worships Rose, gets jealous of Ten 2 before fanboying him too (WHO can resist the Doctor, eh?)
Jake is Rose's best friend.
Captain Erisa Magambo works often with Rose and Torchwood (That's why Rose chose her in Turn left)
Rose/Torchwood recruited Donna Noble as Pete's PA.
Rose, Jake and Mickey were a team before Journey's end.
And so much more....

Those lovely lovebans have been made by the even lovelier anagraphic.