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July 2013



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sunnytyler001 in pete_s_world

Endings and beginnings

Title: Endings and Beginnings
Characters/Pairings: Ten I, Rose, Ten II, OC
Rating: PG
Spoilers: for Journey's End , the specials and that trailer of the Waters of Mars.
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who…
efore Ten regenerates, he gets a message from Rose.
Author's Note: In the trailer of the Waters of Mars, there are some  mysterious images. They inspired this story. Be nice, this is my first story in English.
Beta readers:
carly21 & rosie_not_rose</span></font></span>


It was the end. The Doctor knew it. He could feel himself dying, every cell of his body screaming at him that the regeneration was close. The Time Lord went to the Tardis and opened her door with great difficulty. He wanted to go into the console room... the place, he had been born to this new life, in front of his Rose. He wanted to die in the same place… but Rose wouldn’t be by his side this time. He had gone to see her one last time, before she had met him. He had taken a great risk, but it had been worth it. He had said the words to her, eventually. She didn’t know it was him but- did it really matter? Maybe one day, she’d remember the mad (but dashingly handsome, let’s face it) stranger who had told her, he loved her and kissed her on New Year’s Day.

Suddenly, the Doctor heard a strange sharp sound coming from the console. The sound became a whisper... “Doctor”... was it really calling his name?


The console’s screen came to life and strange, blurred, dark images appeared on it. What the hell was going on? Was someone trying to send him a message?

In one last physical effort, the Doctor pointed his sonic screwdriver at the screen. The image became clearer. A blonde woman was sitting in front of the screen. She was holding a baby wearing a pink shirt.


The Doctor felt his hearts stop for a second.

It was Rose. His impossible, fantastic, brilliant Rose.
Rose, on a coach, in her apartment in Pete’s World.
Rose, holding a baby.
Rose! With a baby...
“Hello, Doctor,” she said.


She looked beautiful, her long blonde hair falling on her shoulders. Her smile was lovely- she always had a lovely smile, his Rose.

Hello, Rose,” he answered her, although he knew she couldn’t hear him. It was obviously a recorded message. How his clone had succeeded in sending it though the Void without burning up a sun or two, he had no idea. But he was happy... very happy.
“Do you think he can hear us?” said Rose, turning to the man, sitting on the coach next to her.
“Yes, yes, no worries,” answered the human Doctor. “It’s recording.”
The Doctor noticed, the other man wasn’t wearing his blue suit anymore. Rose had most likely burned it. Good riddance... he had actually never really liked it.
“So, hello again, Doctor. I hope you’re all right. And not alone. The Doctor- the other Doctor-…”
“That’s me, hello!” said the human Doctor, waving at the screen and grinning.
“See, interrupting me… still rude and not ginger.”
The alien smiled at the memory. God... he missed her so much.

So, the Doctor told me about Donna. I’m so sorry. I hope you found a new companion. If you did and she or he is there, well: hello to you too. Take care of him. And don’t listen to him about not wandering off. It’s better that way, believe me. So… I wanted to tell you. Blimey, I wanted to tell you lots of things. We grew a new Tardis. She’s fine, a really good girl. And, as you can see, we’ve got another girl. Jenny? Say hello to the Doctor?”


Rose took carefully the hand of her daughter and waved at the screen. The child started to laugh happily. The Doctor smiled at this lovely family portrait. The one adventure he could never have... He had it, eventually, thanks to Rose. He had it and yet, he had also to be the passive witness of this life he had once dreamt of. A life shared with the woman he loved... with Rose.

Was he jealous of himself? His mind was wandering on dangerous paths- while Rose was still talking.


We called her Jenny in honour of the one you lost,” said Rose. “This way, there will be a Jenny in this world, too. Her name is Jenny Donna Smith. The Doctor took ‘John Smith’ as his official name here on Earth, but he doesn’t use it a lot. Just for the papers and that sort of things.”
“I wanted Ford Perfect… or Aragorn. But she wouldn’t let me!” pouted the human Doctor, crossing his arms, but his wife and alien self knew perfectly knew he didn’t really care

It’s my name too, now, remember?” retorted Rose, playing along. “So, now, yes, it’s Rose Smith. Nice name, don’t you think? We didn’t want to marry, but my mother wouldn’t hear it, so… yeah. Rose Smith. And I’m happy, Doctor, really, truly happy. Here, I’ve got everything I could dream of. I’ve got mum, dad, little Tony, I’ve got Jenny… and I’ve got you. ‘Cause he’s you, isn’t he?”


Rose stopped her speech for one moment, looking at her husband with loving eyes. Their eyes locked and the Doctor felt like they were the two only people in the room. He felt a bit forgotten, as their hands reached for each other. So, they looked like this when they were with each other? Inseparable and oh so in love. The Doctor felt his hearts breaking. He’d give the world to be the one holding her hand. But then, little Jenny wouldn’t be there, would she? And this child was a priceless gift. The Bad Wolf’s gift to her Doctor.


Once I had opened my heart to him, I realized he was,” continued Rose. “He’s a you that will stay the way you are right now, forever. He’s a you that can stay with me. You… you, the alien you... you can’t. You won’t. You’ve got to move on, to keep on running. That’s your nature, and I love you for that. I will always love you, my Doctor. We will always love you, the three of us. Forever. Have a good life, Doctor. Good lives. Do that for me, Doctor. Have several fantastic lives. And always have someone to hold your hand. Loneliness, that’s not good for you.”

And then the screen turned black. The Doctor felt tears streaming down his cheeks and the ghost of a smile gracing his lips. She was all right... she was happy.
He could finally let go. And looking one last time at the screen where a few moments ago, the face of Rose Smith had disappeared, the Doctor regenerated.